Feeling like I need a for dummies book of some kind …

Hello there. Welcome to my blog about screenwriting! Thanks for stopping by. I feel a bit ridiculous talking to nobody, but I guess this whole blogging thing takes a bit of getting used to … I wonder if people who’ve grown up with it find it completely normal to talk to the internet?

So why have I decided to write my first blog? Well, I’m currently studying screenwriting and also about to change my whole life by applying to do an MA in London. If I get on it’ll mean leaving my home in Paris and my job in teaching and I’ll get to spend my whole life doing what I love! In the process I’m learning so much and there’s so much to think about that I thought it’d be good to have somewhere to write it all down and maybe get in touch with other people who are doing a similar thing. I’ll be posting my thoughts about films and scripts I see and read, reflecting on stuff I’ve learned, writing about things that I find inspirational, vomiting out all my fears and insecurities and maybe even posting some bits of my work.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what it’s all for at the moment but I’m sure it’ll become clearer as I go along! I hope, if nothing else, that it will become a place that motivates me to write something everyday, even if it’s wretched drivel. As Woody Allen said, 80% of success is showing up.

So thanks for reading, whoever ‘you’ are.

Sophie xxx


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