Finding Space

After writing that really pleased-with-myself post about how successfully I had cultivated a writing habit, I have to be honest and say that it all went a bit downhill. Life got in the way in the form of three family visits (not even my family) in three weeks, a sudden heat wave tempting me out of the library, and a pile of end of term reports to write. Before I knew it a month had gone by and I had done close to zero. Not even a blog post. I felt like crap about it, but salvation came in the form of THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

For the first time, I’m staying in Paris for a whole month with nothing to do but write. Starting last Monday, I now have a proper writing schedule which (not wishing to tempt fate with pride again, but) seems to be working. In the past week I’ve written most of a short film, sketched out a feature film synopsis and come up with three new original feature ideas. I’ve also applied to do a weekend course at the Met Film School in September, booked a holiday in Spain, been to zumba, yoga and swimming AND learned the French subjunctive (il faut que je le fasse!) It really is amazing how much a person can get done when they don’t have to go to work.

The best thing of all is that I’ve found my perfect place to work – the silent study room in the beautiful new Médiatheque Francoise Sagan just round the corner from me. I don’t know why but every time I sit down at those white tables surrounded by Parisians tapping away on their silver Macbooks and making my poor red Asus feel like the fat kid in the playground, ideas start to come from nowhere. And, thanks to Celtx, when I write them down they actually look like a script! My fear of the blinking cursor is no more and as you can see from the picture, the only empty white space is the one surrounding me.


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