Things I Love

One of the things we talked about on the short screenwriting course that I took recently was getting in touch with your passions. Erin encouraged us to think about the things we love and use them as a way of working out what we want to write about, or even just as a source of comfort and inspiration. I’ve recently been writing my personal statement and life story for my application to MA programs and I found it a really pleasurable experience to look back on my life and my passions and think about the things I love and the things I’m good at. So I thought I’d share a few of them here with you as well!

My dancing shoes. I bought them when I started learning Sevillanas (the type of flamenco they dance during the Feria in Seville) and they make me feel all passionate and stampy. I just need a flouncy skirt to go with them. I love dancing and would love to learn Salsa and Tango too if I had the time, but for now I’ll just have to stick to annoying my downstairs neighbours with my Sevillanas pactice.


The colour blue. I made this picture with images cut out from magazines and other random places after I saw an exhibition of huge versions in all different colours in a gallery in the Marais. It took me months but I love looking at it because the colours are so soothing and it reminds me of the sea. I love it so much that I even painted my walls to match it!



I’ve only been once but I love everything about it, especially the food and the films. The first Mexican film I ever saw was Y Tu Mama Tambien (back when I thought y was pronounced ‘why’) and I love Amores Perros, After Lucia, Sin Nombre, Biutiful, La Perla … I’d be really happy spending a whole day cooking Mexican food and watching movies. Now that I speak Spanish I really want to go back there, especially to Mexico City and Sayulita.


Graphic novels in French. I’ve only read Persepolis and Maus so far but I love them. I like the way the formal perfection of the language contrasts with the creative flexibility of the form, and the way the pictures help me understand what the frig they’re saying. I also love the way graphic novels are so beloved of French people – it’s as normal to see a teenager as a well-dressed business man or an old hippy woman flicking through the B.D section in my local library, and most of them have a pretty good collection at home as well.


Sleep. Sleeping is something I’ve always been really good at. When I was a kid I could sleep through anything – my mum once blow dried my hair when I’d gone to bed with it wet and I still didn’t wake up. When we travelled around the world on our gap year all my friends envied my ability to sleep on the most uncomfortable of public transport and still now my boyfriend tosses and turns and sighs jealously as I kip on through the night. The best thing about my sleeping prowess, however, is that I almost always have really insane dreams AND remember them. There have been several recurring themes over the years – crocodiles, being chased by the Nazis, lifts and buildings that tip at weird angles, suddenly realising that you can get to New York in half an hour on the public transport system of whichever city I’m currently living in – but recently I’ve also started dreaming ideas for films that when I wake up I can not only still remember but actually make sense when I write them down! One of them I’m currently turning into a pitch for my application. Thanks, dream brain! Sorry, this post just sounds like a massive boast, but having once experienced a bout of insomnia I’m just really grateful for my ability to sleep!


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